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Posted on: May 31, 2009

Times are tough within the ad industry, not just for us agency folks vendors and reps are killing for a buy right now. Reps have started calling weekly to check in for updates and whoring out their rates just for a tiny bit of cash flow. 

CBS Outdoor in England has taken a different approach to the recession. They utilized their network of signage within London’s tube’s to launch a campaign which demonstrates the effectiveness and value of their space. As much as I adore digital, out of home has so many opportunities to be creative and reach a mass of people without the constraints of electronic mass media. It is definitely not included enough in most campaigns, especially tied back to digital. 

CBS Outdoor utilized their signage network within 35 Tube stations throughout London,  placing controversial images that lead viewers to the site to vote, comment and engage with the campaign images. 

The ad campaign ended on May 20th and generated millions visitors to the site, thousands of votes and 617 comments in total on the four images (shown below). 

CBS Outdoor Foxhunt Billboard  CBS Outdoor Chickens Billboard

CBS Outdoor Homeless Billboard   CBS Outdoor Tank Billboard

The Brand Republic had this quote from Mike Hemmings, CBS Outdoor’s London Underground brand manager in this article. 

 “Using a standard Underground pack, we’ve shown that Underground advertising can be central in leading opinion, debate and awareness, not just within London, but across the UK.Who knows how many conversations this has created over a pint in the pub, but the volume of online debate alone highlights how Tube ads are remembered, talked about and acted on far beyond this initial three-minute exposure.”

Well done!



Posted on: February 27, 2009

I saw this spot mixed in with the usual education connection, proactive and strip tease workout spots that make up the commerical breaks on MTV in the morning. My immediate reaction was – oy someone in traffic fucked up putting an intelligent and witty spot about something important in the world on MTV.

Finally a commercial that about something important that isn’t boring, blah and stuck on A&E or History Channel. Just because I watch MTV doens’t mean all I care about is how I look or how to go to college in my PJs (I hate you education connection)! 

I love this spot and its waaayyy better then any of Al Gore’s “We” campaign ads.  

The Clean Coal spot was directed by the Coen Brothers and concepted by Crispin Porter + Bogusky. 

CP+B is f’ing brilliant (full disclosure, I have an agency crush on CP+B) .


Posted on: January 23, 2009

Cannes Lions Festival is putting some good back into the world with the next round of submissions.

Find out more here.


Posted on: January 17, 2009

While I’m part of the new business team, I can’t always go after (or get) the clients that would give us the freedom to do innovative cool stuff; sometimes they don’t have the balls and sometimes its just not their target audience. I would love the budget and freedom to execute on some of these ideas…if you steal them just give me some credit (and some commission). 

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Posted on: January 6, 2009

AllState (whose commercials and spokesperson I love) is also doing some fabulous recession advertising. Their messaging is right on- “Its back to basics.”

AllState is able to utilize the fact that they started during the depression and speak to the fact they’ve survived all the recessions since then. Heck they even throw in their tagline and keep it feeling natural. Good work AllState! 



Posted on: January 6, 2009

There are currently two advertisers getting it right in these rough economic times. Their messaging is on target, tone is full of empathy and their imagery soothing and familiar. 

First is Walmart. Internationally hated, evil, souless Walmart is coming out with some phenonminal messaging that makes this Nordstom girl actually appreciate the mega store. They’ve emphasized the value of their products, showcased items (blue ray, video games, etc) that can be enjoyed by the family, together at home. Basically falling right in linewhat a retailer shouldbe doing during a recession. 

Here’s one of the ads that focuses on gift cards but keeps the same tone and messaging of the rest of the product specific campaign (sorry about the qaulity). 

The other advertiser getting it right is Hyundai.

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Posted on: December 17, 2008


Brilliant slideshow of random facts.


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