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As the end of the year approaches every blogger out there is throwing down their 2009 predictions; I’m jumping off the cliff to throw down my own thoughts on the new year.

But don’t worry is isn’t some haughty predictions list, but merely a top 10 list of my hopes for marketing and technology in 2009. 

1. MySpace will die. Enough of the glitter backgrounds, 10 mintue page downloads and endless random friend requests from half naked teenagers. Most of the cool kids have left anyways. 

2. Everyone will stop hating on Twitter. You know you want to, like that one time in college. Get drunk and blame your experimental tweets on the booze. In four years if you’re not into it anymore you can just say you were going through a phase. Then you can follow me here

3. Spammers will learn correct grammar and proper English. Maybe more people would respond if they could read your spam emails or they contained plausable stories. Really I won the lottery in Nigeria, I didn’t even buy a lottery ticket?!

4. Mobile marketing will finally take off. The last few years have been predicted as The Year for mobile, please finally get big so the masses will figure out what the next big thing will be.

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My favorites from TechCrunch50 2008:

OtherInbox– the only beta I signed up for on day one. Great concept, super useful.

Tonchidot– by far the best presentation “Join us’ sometimes the language barrier plays in your favor. Watch the video of their presentation- its awesome…product seems pretty sweet too.

Swype– I remember Kevin Rose mentioning this on an episode of Diggnation (or maybe I’m making that up). Coolest application, I want it and I want it now.

If I was a musicain I would want BoJam. Open source music in an online wiki.

Atmosphir is one of the cooler concepts and a really original concept.

This is like a high tech Clueless closet- Closet Couture although I’m not sure I would actually use it.

Unfortunately, I missed a lot of the presentations due to streaming this at work and actually having work to do instead of devoting my full attention to the ustream.

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Posted on: July 25, 2008

I totally own up to the fact that I am a geek.

The only magazine subscription I have is to WIRED and its good to go for the next like 5 years.

While I can’t afford to support my complete geek out (read: no iphone), I do what I can to maintain it. I read TechCrunch in addition to my BBC news every morning. I download DiggNation from Revision3 every Friday and watch/vote on Current TV. I rushed to download the Mozilla 3.0 as soon as it was released. I’ve started to teach myself some basic coding so I can know basic HTML for all those occasions when it’s needed.

Despite all that geekiness, I will never understand Comic-Con.

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