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Posted on: May 7, 2009

Cardboard cutout french fries and hamburgers is something my niece would love – she loves to play restaurant -its also the focus of Chilli’s new ad campaign by Hill Holiday. There are spots, banner ads and a website.


As an advertiser I get it, but as a consumer I think “so you’re better than cardboard, good for you but I’m going  somewhere with higher standards.” It is a well executed campaign, the media buyers are on point with placement and integration, but the message is just meh for me.

Check out the spot after the jump. 

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Posted on: April 7, 2009

Charles Schwab commercials have been using the rotoscoping technique in their ads since about 2005. These ads have always annoyed me. I can’t stand the use of animation purely for the sake of using animation.

Advertising Rules #72 – In commercials targeted towards adults (especially middle aged adults), animation should only be used if real live people could not execute the story line more effectively.

Esurance commercis are a great example of when animation helps the message and the spot. There is no way those storylines could be executed with the same tone, message and slickness if real people were used. Charles Schwab, on the other hand, really doesn’t need to animate people’s faces as they sit on a bench in front of a camera and bitch to you. Real live people could pull that off just fine. 

But then there’s Charles Schwab who is trying to sell itself as an upstanding and reliable finance company. Do the cartoonish characters really support the focus of the campaign? The use of less smug and REAL people would be so much more effective.

Talk to Chuck is such a great line and its completely laid to waste after a viewer sees the douchy characters rotoscoped to ultimate creepiness.  

Charles Swchab recently put its $100M media into play, with incumbent Omnicom’s PHD, Universal McCann and Aegis’s Carat all being invited to pitch. How about you put creative into play too? Your media buy is going to remain ineffective so long as your creative is this terrible.

I couldn’t find a recent spot as an example, but this one from 2008 looks exactly the same as the one from this month. 

Based on the youtube comments, I guess I’m not alone in my distaste for rotoscoping…


Posted on: February 10, 2009

So raise your hand if in the last few weeks you’ve noticed these ads EVERYWHERE online. 


While these ads annoy me to no end, I would kill to work on this account. This is one of the few accounts that has increased their spend recently and they are just blanketing the web. 

Not sure if their on a behavioral buy (although I don’t look up diet information), could be demographic (because all 25 year old women are obsessed with their weight) or maybe they’re just buying remanent ad space by zip or DMA.

The website (yes I clicked, I was curious) is positioned as a San Diego woman’s blog. Anyone else click through on these and have a website targeting their DMA?


Posted on: December 30, 2008

I am definitely not Apple fan girl, despite my iphone lust, but I concede that Apple knows what their doing. They’ve revolutionzed the music business (even if they’re tactics are slightly evil). Apples move into cell phones is no different, they’ve revolutionized the level of features and customization users can expect.

Blackberry is desperately trying to  salvage its reputation as THE phone for professionals and cool kids. The Blackberry Storm has adopted many of Apples features to compete (like their touch screen) and are currently running two ad campaigns. One campaign I absolutely love;  the other has actually made me scream at the tv.

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The recent IDC report released in November investiageted the differences between social network users and ‘regular’ internet users. The study discovered that social network users were less receptive to online advertising with only 57% of SN users clicking on at least one ad in the last year compared to 79% of all web users. 

I don’t think anyone who is on a social network is really surprised. Facebook ads have become absolutely ridiculous. I really only see about 10 products that constantly rotate and no advertiser is really targeting me other than my gender, location or relationship status. Few advertisers take advantage of Facebook’s ability to get super targeted, especially the spam folks. You can display ads based on words included on my profile, come on make them relevant! 

Sometimes I click on the spam ads just to make them pay them pay for my clicks. I know, I’m totally getting coal in my stocking this year. 

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Another example of just because you can doesn’t mean you should. 

It looks like they took their full page penny saver ad and tried to make it into banners. 

Does Corky’s really get rid of ants in your pants? And for only $69?? Glad they put that in a starburts or I would never be able to find the price within all the copy in the leaderboard. I’m surpirsed the guy isn’t actually dancing with the spiders in his pants. 

I can’t even write about the big box ad accompanying it….tragically bad. 

I just want to help you Corky’s! Write a comment on this blog and I will help you with your online ads. 


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Posted on: August 20, 2008

Now that I’m on the prowl for a new phone I’ve started to notice the incredibly annoying the Sprint Instinct spots that seem to be on every commercial break. They even annoy me as I fast forward past them on my DVR.

I don’t even have a real critique, its just when ever they’re on I cringe and gag a little. So please enjoy the spots I pulled on Sprint Instinct’s Product Placement Campaign.



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