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Posted on: June 23, 2009

The Dollar ReDe$ign Project is asking folks to redesign US currency in an effort to encourage the US government to redesign the US currency and stimulate the economy. The Project was put together by Richard Smith.

While I do not understand how pretty new money will boost the economy, I enjoy checking out the submissions sent in. All of the designs are available for viewing here, you can read more about the project here and here.

These are my favorite submissions

By Michael Ross

Micheal Ross

By Richard Smith

Richard Smith

Dollar ReDe$ign Project

By Michael Tyznik

DollarA_ten front

DollarA_ten back

DollarA_twent front

DollarA_twent back

DollarA_fifty front

DollarA_fifty back



Posted on: May 10, 2009

Google has decided to go un-digital. To fight for market share for their browser Chrome (which, in full disclosure, I love), the giant has launched a TV campaign in Japan. 

I have to admit I love it. The perfect mix of traditional and digital, lovely visuals and a funky soundtrack.


Posted on: April 24, 2009

As I wipe away the lauhgter tears and mascara running down my cheeks, I’m posting these Bruins commercials. 

I discovered this Bruins Vicotry Dance Spot on AdRants and fell in love with the Bruins bear. Guys take note, you dance like that and I’m yours. 

The laughing so hard I’m crying continued with these ‘Rules’ spots.

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Posted on: February 5, 2009

Jack from Jack in the Box is my favorite brand persona. He’s hilariously human with his giant head, busy career and random friends. And the Sourdough Jack is without a doubt the best hangover cure.

Anyone watching the Super Bowl who lives within driving distance of a Jack in the Box saw his horrific bus accident. Jack suffered severe head trauma and is not doing well in the hospital.

Once you’ve wiped away the tears head over to
for in-depth updates or you can keep up to date via his twitter (Barbara, Jack’s assistant is keeping up to date).

The entire campaign is based on the fact, that just before he was hit by the bus Jack was talking about how great it is that any item on the menu is available anytime. So those worrying about Jack should indulge and order breakfast for lunch and dinner for breakfast.

I adore the campaign, as much as it breaks my heart. Jack in the Box HQ is here in San Diego and loyal fans and Jack supporters have created a vigil in his parking spot. Check out all the pictures below.




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Posted on: February 4, 2009

I finally found a cell phone campaign I can appreciate. Sprint failed, Blackerry failed, but LG I love. 

These ads sparked a hot debate on Ads of the World (where I found them), check out the site to read up on why people hate them. 

I like them because unlike Blackberry spots, LG doesn’t talk down to consumers and act like 3G phones are new. The target demo knows about the iPhone, they’ve played with their friends phones. The basics of 3G and touch screens are a given.

LG is focusing on making themselves different. Apple and Blackberry are being defined as the work phones, LG is going after those who want a cool, fast, phone without needing a job that requires it. 

Oh and for the record I Google and Addictomatic all of my dates 🙂 

















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Common misconception about media planners/buyers is that were are the dull uncreative type who love crunching numbers more than anything else. While it is true that most of us love numbers, statistics and research, creativity in media planning is an absolute must to successful and effective media buys. We do more than just pick and choose items off a rate card and collect swag from our media reps. 

As a media buyer I get inspired for new ideas from a variety of sources.  Here are some of my most recent inspirations. 

Super cool, simple and unique music video. Reminds me that simple is really all it takes to be effective. 

A website full of a ton of unique visuals, ads, art and whatnot. Innovative takes on common ideas and objects on Inspire Me Now.




















And this blog by John the architect, Everything you ever needed to know (shoutout to @allisonyochim). His post on how building materials are meant for certain tasks through his in depth look at a brick is beautiful. 

“…Because we know brick has feelings and needs, we should feel bad for brick, not too bad however, because in time, the faux wall will fail and brick will show it was meant for something else.”

My favorite kind of advertising innovation, taking something tradtional and boring (print) and making it interactive and able to live on its on. 

Well done Saxso Funny! This interactive singage says all images have a sound. Umm can you say brilliant!?

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