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Posted on: March 2, 2009

According to a Hitwise study found search queries are getting longer. Check it out here

As you can see from the chart below searches with 4 words and more (8 words are up 22%) are up year over year. While Hitwise doesn’t offer an explanation of this, I think its due to a combination of the increased number of sites being indexed by SEs and the increase in SEO.

Search is a journey (I picked up that gem at one of the online marketing conferences).

It makes sense that the further you are on that journey (or further in the funnel or closer to grandma\’s house, whatever you want to call it), the wordier your search query becomes. You\’re asking questions and searing for information without being able to engage in a conversation. Most of the time you know what you are looking for, from the address to a bar to the history of a sports team, and its hard for a simple term in a search engine to understand that.

Search engines are still inadequate at reading minds and SEOers are busy trying to tell it that their sites are the ones that have all your answers. There have been rumors about Twitter taking over Google as the place to search for information and while Twitter search and asking my tweeple questions is super quick and reliable it is not going to replace my love for Google.

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Posted on: November 26, 2008

Apparently as the market tanks and layoffs run rampant and the sky crumbles around us, several bits of the internet have been pronounced dead. 

First up, Google’s SearchWiki has killed off SEO.

Google has made the SearchWiki function a permananet fixture on Google Search. So now you can organize and make comments on your search results. Your organized results will populate and influence future searches while your comments are made visible to other users who search on the same terms. Read more about how it works from The Telegraph.

SEO is thus ended as consumers have the power to rank and comment on results. No longer can back end tweaks, text edits and SEO the heck out of webpage. Or so some people think. I really don’t think it will have a negative effect on SEO, just force folks to stay relevant, informative and honest. Web 2.0 is all about being social and interactive, so embrace the change and SEO will live on. 

Banner ads have also been pronounced dead (yes, again)

Silicon Valley Insider thinks Banner ads are on their way out of digital media buys and I agree (sort of). As the billboards of online, its hard to measure their effectiveness (even with click throughs and impressions), they tend to only be effective for brand awareness and direct response. There are a bazillion articles and studies that discuss the types of people who click on banners. Lower income, serial clickers, people who know those lips belong to.

So few brands really can utilize banners for much good. I don’t think they’re going away, but there will be a lot more inventory available.  

The End of the Ad World 

I’ve seen a post or two about that. But I’m hoping to keep my job so I will not be promoting that one 🙂


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