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Posted on: August 10, 2008

I’m not a copywriter. I’m a media planner/buyer/new business girl. However, all my research, planning and negotiations are pointless if an ineffective spot makes on my buy. So when I see an brand that fits my demo but the spot makes me dislike the brand, then I’m mad.

Secret failed at this and now Victoria’s Secret is playing advertising ad libs with their copy points instead of actually trying to create spots.

Usually Vicky’s spots are pretty normal- show gorgeous Brazilian girl in underwear and announcer talks about a sale or a new line of bras. Relevant, succinct, informative with good visuals.

Then came this spot introducing the BioFit Bra

“A bra so revolutionary…” really, because the last 12 new bras you came out with were supposedly revolutionary but they were all pretty much the same. I have a hard time swallowing the word ‘revolutionary’ for a bra that does the exact same thing the last one did. Let’s see a real innovation before you start plugging revolutionary into your ad copy.

“…your shape, your cup size” (bottom copy A-D) Are they really expecting me to be impressed that this bra also comes in the standard sizes? Maybe if they started carrying half sizes, or they created some new sizing for this style, but when it’s the same basic sizes, does this fact really belong in your 15 second spot?

“As close to custom as a bra will ever get!” Actually you can buy a custom bra….so no this mass produced standard thing is not as close to custom as a bra will ever get. So far the only custom thing is that it comes in the same basic sizes as every other bra. How does that make it custom?

Either the new BioFit is a horrible product and they creatives didn’t have a chance in hell of making this a good spot, or the creatives were lazy. Whatever the reason this spot made it on air, I certainly don’t intend to buy it and I just might retire my Vicky’s credit card.



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