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Google turned me into a stalker with the launch of Google Latitude. I wasn’t paying attention when I signed up to test it out and checked everyone in my Google address book which is, thankfully, much smaller than my Yahoo or Outlook address books. Apparently, Google sends an email to everyone letting them know you’d like to stalk them and then sends them emails whenever you check in. 

Everyone in my address book received an invite to let me stalk them and then two emails telling them where I was (sadly both times at the office). One of my friends was so kind as to let me know via Facebook that she had received notification that I wanted to know her every move. While for the most part stalking my friends is totally cool, there are a couple people in my address book I would rather not stalk (especially when it tells them I’m doing so). Awkward….

So thanks Google.

Is a double opt-in set up so much to ask? You couldn’t have put in a little pop up that says “Are you sure you want to send an email to these people to invite them to your Latitude network?” 

Oh and my assesment of latitude is that it is sub par geo-location social networking; BrightKite does it better.


Hi my name is Erin and I’m a Googleaholic.

I hate to give up my secret, but I pretty much Google everything.

Any questions, random thoughts, names of people I meet, seriously everything. Unfortunately, as everyone thinks I’m super brilliant (thanks to Google) they come to me with all of their questions. Now I don’t mind being the smarty pants, but really if you don’t know how to find out answers to simple questions then the rest of your life will be extremely difficult. 

So for those people who ask the annoyingly simple questions I can now find their answers with Let Me Google That For You. Check it out for yourself. The site creates a URL (or a tiny URl if you want to be sneaky) of you typing in the search term. So when someone asks you “Hey when is Talk Like A Pirate Day” you can send them here. Arrgg


Posted on: December 9, 2008

As Google continues to slowly take over our lives and do everything we could ever image something to do, they’ve released a 411 service.

Just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 from any phone for a Google based voice recognition directory. I hate voice recognitin anything. While I’m normally an early adopter and technology lover, I will scream ‘Help’ and pound on the 0 key to be connected to a real live person on any answering service. 

Google’s voice reconition is better than the few other services I’ve tried (5-1-1 traffic is especially heinous) and it pulls data directly from the Google Maps database.  I tested it for our clients and they all are within the first round of businesses within thier category (automotive, credit unions, etc). 

But really, I only call 411 when I’m driving around lost. Even then I tend to go online rather then dial 411. I wonder how long until they monetize it with some advertising or featured listings….



Posted on: November 26, 2008

Apparently as the market tanks and layoffs run rampant and the sky crumbles around us, several bits of the internet have been pronounced dead. 

First up, Google’s SearchWiki has killed off SEO.

Google has made the SearchWiki function a permananet fixture on Google Search. So now you can organize and make comments on your search results. Your organized results will populate and influence future searches while your comments are made visible to other users who search on the same terms. Read more about how it works from The Telegraph.

SEO is thus ended as consumers have the power to rank and comment on results. No longer can back end tweaks, text edits and SEO the heck out of webpage. Or so some people think. I really don’t think it will have a negative effect on SEO, just force folks to stay relevant, informative and honest. Web 2.0 is all about being social and interactive, so embrace the change and SEO will live on. 

Banner ads have also been pronounced dead (yes, again)

Silicon Valley Insider thinks Banner ads are on their way out of digital media buys and I agree (sort of). As the billboards of online, its hard to measure their effectiveness (even with click throughs and impressions), they tend to only be effective for brand awareness and direct response. There are a bazillion articles and studies that discuss the types of people who click on banners. Lower income, serial clickers, people who know those lips belong to.

So few brands really can utilize banners for much good. I don’t think they’re going away, but there will be a lot more inventory available.  

The End of the Ad World 

I’ve seen a post or two about that. But I’m hoping to keep my job so I will not be promoting that one 🙂


Posted on: October 31, 2008

Chrome’s Aw Snap Fail message is so much better than the Fail Whale. 



Posted on: October 15, 2008

In a study posted on the Future Lab Blog, 70% of ads on Ads of the World posted in the last 4 months, did not include a URL. The article continues to rant about how ads should contain a URL by default in todays advertising world; I totally disagree. 

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Posted on: October 9, 2008

If you Google me are any of the results actually me?

When we hired a new addition to the agency…I immediately ran the candidates names through Facebook, Google and Addictomatic to find about more about them. I won’t divulge the dirt, but it made me think about what online dirt is out there on my name that is not really me.

My name is pretty standard, so I’m not surprised that when I search for myself there are plenty of results and I am not one of them. Addictomatic returns some of my blog posts and tweets, but most of the listings are the other hundreds that share my name.

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