Posted on: January 6, 2009

There are currently two advertisers getting it right in these rough economic times. Their messaging is on target, tone is full of empathy and their imagery soothing and familiar. 

First is Walmart. Internationally hated, evil, souless Walmart is coming out with some phenonminal messaging that makes this Nordstom girl actually appreciate the mega store. They’ve emphasized the value of their products, showcased items (blue ray, video games, etc) that can be enjoyed by the family, together at home. Basically falling right in linewhat a retailer shouldbe doing during a recession. 

Here’s one of the ads that focuses on gift cards but keeps the same tone and messaging of the rest of the product specific campaign (sorry about the qaulity). 

The other advertiser getting it right is Hyundai.

A brand that usually puts out some of the dullest commercials ever, has put together the most brilliant sales plan. Hell if I was looking for a new car right now I might forget the series one I’ve been lusting over in favor of the Hyundai Assurance plan. Hey no one’s job is safe right now in the marketing world! 


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