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Posted on: May 19, 2009

Taking something lame and making it cool again is the ultimate re-branding. A major crisis is difficult to come back from, but it happens all the time; coming back from the depths lameness is a rare phenomena. Which is why I applaud you Happy Cow. 

the ultimate in rebranding

Fanny Packs are for the 80s costume parties, older tourists, Hulk Hogan and people who wear socks with their sandals. But you Happy Cow, have decided to make them cool again as “Side Bags” and “Hip Bags”. Tricky.

Not only did you change their name, you’ve also changed up the look of the fanny packs on your website.  

Leather belt pouch 

 leahter money belt

  Leahter waist pouch

By far my favorite is the pocket skirt, because why would I want to ruin the look of my pants with bulging pockets or an unsightly purse when I can cover them with a skirt with one tiny little pocket. 


Please, please, please make an infomercial…I can only imagine how incredibly awesome it would be. Ok back to figuring out how these “pockets” work on all my pants. Ugh I wish I could afford your innovative “waist pouch”.



Posted on: May 8, 2009

I was going to share with you a spot for US Cellular by Publicis & Hal Riney because I’m in love with the concept. I could watch the crayons un-melt all day. So I grab the link from youtube and stick it in this blog, but then “This video has been removed by user” pops up. Well boooo on you too. 

While I get the whole copyright infringement thing, if you make something good enough for people to want to share, why stop them from sharing? Yes, I realize an agency created it, technically it belongs to the client but I want to tell everyone how much I love it and thus you get some free word of mouth. 

Lucky you, AdFreak still has a copy up. So check it here.



Posted on: April 7, 2009

Charles Schwab commercials have been using the rotoscoping technique in their ads since about 2005. These ads have always annoyed me. I can’t stand the use of animation purely for the sake of using animation.

Advertising Rules #72 – In commercials targeted towards adults (especially middle aged adults), animation should only be used if real live people could not execute the story line more effectively.

Esurance commercis are a great example of when animation helps the message and the spot. There is no way those storylines could be executed with the same tone, message and slickness if real people were used. Charles Schwab, on the other hand, really doesn’t need to animate people’s faces as they sit on a bench in front of a camera and bitch to you. Real live people could pull that off just fine. 

But then there’s Charles Schwab who is trying to sell itself as an upstanding and reliable finance company. Do the cartoonish characters really support the focus of the campaign? The use of less smug and REAL people would be so much more effective.

Talk to Chuck is such a great line and its completely laid to waste after a viewer sees the douchy characters rotoscoped to ultimate creepiness.  

Charles Swchab recently put its $100M media into play, with incumbent Omnicom’s PHD, Universal McCann and Aegis’s Carat all being invited to pitch. How about you put creative into play too? Your media buy is going to remain ineffective so long as your creative is this terrible.

I couldn’t find a recent spot as an example, but this one from 2008 looks exactly the same as the one from this month. 

Based on the youtube comments, I guess I’m not alone in my distaste for rotoscoping…


Posted on: July 19, 2008

I’m a 25 yr old female…so why in do I see this horrible commercial all the time on cable? Either there spending a shit ton on their media buy, or I’ve been watching too much History Channel and Comedy Central.

I can’t wait until behavioral targeting in the norm across all media, so I can stop seeing this crap.

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Posted on: July 18, 2008

Oh Google. I love you; I hate you. Most recently its been more hate then love because you’re trying to steal my job…read more about that here.

But the more I test out the Google buying systems for print, TV and radio the more I feel my job is totally secure. Google ad works is a great buying tool because it involves no creative, allows real time adjustments and is completely trackable. But as a traditional media tool, Google fails.

It lacks proper research, allows users to submit horrible creative and really restricts users from creating an intelligent plan. But then again anyone trying to save money by doing the auction style Google buying and submit their own print/radio ads probably does not care too much about the quality.

In their post yesterday, New Demographic Planning for Print Ads, Google brags that they now provide you with demographic information for print. Really? Let me guess, the readers are older, slight male skew, college education and higher income. Sheesh…that was hard.

Planning more traditional media requires insight into more than just age, income and gender. You should be looking at more in-depth readership information like geographic data, trends, distribution, etc.

Newspapers are failing anyways, paying $15K for a 1/4  page ad is ridiculous if you can own the online version of the paper for 2 weeks at that rate. But if you’re going to go into print, its about picking the best section, know what days really work well for you and really target the smaller papers. Run each ad with a call tracking number and website, test out the days and sections that work. Use the same principals as online buying, but definitely not the same tools.

On top of that the creative options for Google print plans are atrocious…busting all your ad budget on newspaper is one thing, spending 15K to make your own crappy ad is quite another.


Posted on: July 10, 2008

There is a commercial I totally hate at the moment and it’s driving me mad every time its on air.

When I usually hate a spot its because I’m not in the demo and I can excuse it away b/c the message wasn’t really aimed at me. But the current Secret Deodorant spot is aboslute nonsense and I’m even a current customer.

The concept isn’t bad, but the execution is painful.

I couldn’t find a video for this spot…so I’ll try to describe it for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Bascially its a woman walking down the streets in NYC giving us 5 reasons to use secret deodorant. She does some random and pointless stuff which involve her lifting her arms up. After a solid 2 weeks of the commercial annoying me, did I even realize that the five reasons to use Secret were not what the actress was actually doing or saying- the five reasons were up in the upper left corner as copy.

But it still doesn’t make any sense- those copy points have absolutely nothing to do with whats going on.

#1 She raises her arms and says “Hey hows it going” to some guy then admits she doesn’t even know him- left corner says strong odor and wetness protection.

#2 Then she salutes a doorman and says “At ease captain!” – copy is goes on clear

# 3 “TAXI!” She hails a cab but then dismisses him with “No thanks I’d rather walk” – screen reads smooth lightweight formula

#4 As she’s walking past a side street there is a cop car and she pauses to yell “AHH I’m innocent” raising her arms and smells her armpits “and fresh!” – read self-renewing fragrances (the only one that makes sense if you can ignore how annoying she is and actually read the copy)

#5 As her last reason, she raises both arms in the air and tosses a piece of trash into a can with one arm, while lowering the other arm she caresses her armpit. “Flawless!”- copy is skin-nuturing conditioners

Can someone please help me understand how anyone thought this spot was goood?

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Probably my favorite web word.

I hate sites in flash. 99% of the time, the flash  was a pointless design that adds no value to the site and only makes the SEO more difficult. What was so cool a few years ago is now just annoying and unnecessary.

So which web trends that are hot right now will fizzle our and become the ultimate sign of a dated website in a few years ?

My vote is widgets. So few are done well and yet everyone has created a widget. It’s the cool web design feature that really lacks proper function (just as flash was).


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