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Posted on: April 8, 2009

I’m a self taught digital girl. Besides one tech class in college, digital was not something ever discussed in all of my communication, advertising or journalism classes. And now I’m solo in the digital department, with no one to collaborate with or learn from. 

Which is why I am always on the search for additional classes, conferences or books that can educate me and comfort me in knowing that I’m up to date and in line with best practices and the newest tools. I’ve looked into traditional schools, MBA programs, extension classes, certificate programs, but they’re all not quite what would work for me.  

So when I noticed new display ads for the University of San Francisco’s certifcate in online marketing on I click on through (see display does work!) to see what’s available. The ads look decent and send me to a legit landing page. 

usf usf2

 usf3 usf4 

So I’m stoked, finally a viable option for continuing my digital education. I fill out the little form to request more information, although I’m totally annoyed that they require a phone number. Umm its an online marketing class taught completely online, try email. 

Then I’m sent to a Thank You page with early registration dates of December 2008 for a February 2009 program (its April ’09!). The online marketing school is running expired creative or failed to update their landing page for the new semester? Either way its a total FAIL. 


And then, the 2 emails I recieved within 10 mintues of each other frmo USF went straight to my spam folder. How do you expect me to take you seriously?

Dear USF,

When you’re advertising a online marketing degree program, I recommend hiring people who actually know what they’re doing to set up and execute your digital marketing campaign. I highly doubt you’re school will be able to advance my knowledge if you can’t even get the basics of online adveritisng down. 

Best Regards, 




Posted on: February 10, 2009

So raise your hand if in the last few weeks you’ve noticed these ads EVERYWHERE online. 


While these ads annoy me to no end, I would kill to work on this account. This is one of the few accounts that has increased their spend recently and they are just blanketing the web. 

Not sure if their on a behavioral buy (although I don’t look up diet information), could be demographic (because all 25 year old women are obsessed with their weight) or maybe they’re just buying remanent ad space by zip or DMA.

The website (yes I clicked, I was curious) is positioned as a San Diego woman’s blog. Anyone else click through on these and have a website targeting their DMA?


Posted on: December 29, 2008

I’m pretty sure the type of people who fall for email scams are the same people who click on banner ads like this 












I would love to meet the designers behind these ads. How do you sleep at night knowing you’ve put something like this out there?


The recent IDC report released in November investiageted the differences between social network users and ‘regular’ internet users. The study discovered that social network users were less receptive to online advertising with only 57% of SN users clicking on at least one ad in the last year compared to 79% of all web users. 

I don’t think anyone who is on a social network is really surprised. Facebook ads have become absolutely ridiculous. I really only see about 10 products that constantly rotate and no advertiser is really targeting me other than my gender, location or relationship status. Few advertisers take advantage of Facebook’s ability to get super targeted, especially the spam folks. You can display ads based on words included on my profile, come on make them relevant! 

Sometimes I click on the spam ads just to make them pay them pay for my clicks. I know, I’m totally getting coal in my stocking this year. 

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Posted on: November 26, 2008

Apparently as the market tanks and layoffs run rampant and the sky crumbles around us, several bits of the internet have been pronounced dead. 

First up, Google’s SearchWiki has killed off SEO.

Google has made the SearchWiki function a permananet fixture on Google Search. So now you can organize and make comments on your search results. Your organized results will populate and influence future searches while your comments are made visible to other users who search on the same terms. Read more about how it works from The Telegraph.

SEO is thus ended as consumers have the power to rank and comment on results. No longer can back end tweaks, text edits and SEO the heck out of webpage. Or so some people think. I really don’t think it will have a negative effect on SEO, just force folks to stay relevant, informative and honest. Web 2.0 is all about being social and interactive, so embrace the change and SEO will live on. 

Banner ads have also been pronounced dead (yes, again)

Silicon Valley Insider thinks Banner ads are on their way out of digital media buys and I agree (sort of). As the billboards of online, its hard to measure their effectiveness (even with click throughs and impressions), they tend to only be effective for brand awareness and direct response. There are a bazillion articles and studies that discuss the types of people who click on banners. Lower income, serial clickers, people who know those lips belong to.

So few brands really can utilize banners for much good. I don’t think they’re going away, but there will be a lot more inventory available.  

The End of the Ad World 

I’ve seen a post or two about that. But I’m hoping to keep my job so I will not be promoting that one 🙂

Another example of just because you can doesn’t mean you should. 

It looks like they took their full page penny saver ad and tried to make it into banners. 

Does Corky’s really get rid of ants in your pants? And for only $69?? Glad they put that in a starburts or I would never be able to find the price within all the copy in the leaderboard. I’m surpirsed the guy isn’t actually dancing with the spiders in his pants. 

I can’t even write about the big box ad accompanying it….tragically bad. 

I just want to help you Corky’s! Write a comment on this blog and I will help you with your online ads. 


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AdRants its one of my favorite blogs and I couldn’t help but laugh while reading a post…

When I first saw it I thought all three ads were for the top banner- the two Intel ads being examples of bad ads headed for trouble.

Apparently, those Intel banners are real and really bad.



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