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Posted on: November 7, 2008

I’ve previosuly mentioned my love for Wired Magazine. I started reading it when my New Communication Technology class in college forced me to scour magazines to find innovative prooducts that had yet to go mainstream. Wired is the only magazine I subscribe to; the only one I read from cover to cover. While that might secure my reputation as a geek, at least I’m not an insecure woman who has to read about how to be thinner, sexier and better in bed every month (sorry Cosmo readers). 

Anywho, I recently stubled across a Fujitsu ad for a scanner with the title Search this: Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner S300 Reviews. Brilliant. Let your reviewers speak for you because they will anyways. Embrace the web and the way people shop. 

Most people type in the name of the URL even when they know it. Reviews and blogs provide the most incentive to actually buy. So well done Fujjitsu! If I needed a scanner or had th emoney to buy one, I totally would.



Posted on: September 29, 2008

Time to discuss another comercial that annoys me… has a spot that runs constantly on every morning on most of the MTV channels. While these media buyers got it right in traditional media, they are incredibly lacking with their online integration and the creative is insanely annoying.

The spot features a girl walking around the screen talking about how great it is to go to class in her pjs. Apparently she never went to high school or college, where people go into brick and mortar class rooms in their pjs.

If you’re trying to appeal to someone attempting to get a degree online, their motivation is most likely ease of use and time. Most of those seeking online degrees work full time or have other obligations (like a family), they don’t go to school online to stay at home all day. I highly doubt their target is so easily swayed or so lazy to pick their school based on which ones they can do in their “pink, fluffy slippers.” 

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