Posted on: June 22, 2009

Outdoor is just not as creative as it should be. Very few brands take advantage the possibilities of outdoor which is why I appreciate the out of the box thinking on this campaign by Agency V out of Paris, France. But it falls short in execution.

Polo Match. An endless list of equipment.

Polo Match. An endless list of equipment.

What do you think? I don’t want to skew your opinion so I’ll let you know my thoughts after the jump…

Ok, I’ll try and be nice, but here is what I find totally wrong with it.

Maybe its lost in translation, but to me equipment just seems like the wrong word here. I think they’re trying to say that all these items which would normally be considered “upgrades” come standard on the Polo Match. To me I think equipment and its more along the lines of the parts of the car (like the engine) and that list would obviously be pretty long.

If you take a close look at the list, there are only 13 items, hardly close to “endless”.

Do any cars not come with AC or passenger side airbags?

Is a leather steering wheel and a chrome grille really considered important “equipment”?

What the hell does a multifunction computer do?

I’m 99% sure fog lights are standard on any car built since 2005.

The font looks huge and while I appreciate white space, it seems inappropriate when you’re trying to demonstrate that there are so many features there just isn’t enough room.

ABS (anti-lock brakes) seem like an important bit of equipment, why did they let it hide behind the bottom frame?

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