Posted on: June 15, 2009

I was a Journalism major in college and while I was not of the uber-Journalism persuasion, I’ve always had a healthy respect for Jouranlists. Growing up I was always a news junkie; the world has always fascinated me, from politics and religion to trends and tragedy. While I didn’t pursue a career in Journalism, it still holds a special place in my heart.

It pains me to see the state of broadcast Journalism today.

Today as Iran erupts in protests over the disputed legitimacy of their recent Presidential election, Twitter streams are full of news with pictures and videos most of which  fails to get covered both nationally (CNN’s coverage has been lacking) and locally.

Very rarely do I watch local news, but I figure its 10pm and I could very easily tune in to the local news to catch up on Iran.  So while a very important Middle Eastern nation is going through a democratic uprising what do all three local news channels lead with for the 10pm news? A local middle school’s trip to China. Second story?  High school prank gone bad. I want the f’ing news, not my community weekly newspaper.


For news done right check out the #iranelection twitter stream, Time and the BBC.

UPDATE: I attempted to watch the local morning news – one station spent 30 seconds mentioning that the happenings in the rest of the world, using the a graphic of an Iranian woman putting her ballot in the box and no mention of the protests. The story followed an update about the Turkey stampede at the Del Mar Fair and was followed by a story about Kung Fu Panada being played at Viejas outdoor theatre tonight.

I give up. Back to the interwebs I go for my news.

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