Posted on: June 8, 2009

I love Facebook, really I do. However FB’s inability to offer any sort of advertising quality control is killing me. I’ve ranted about Facebook telling me I need a diet and a man, I’ve been disturbed by zombie hands and now we have TNT overkill. 

The ads are slick with great copywriting and clicking on any of them take you to the show’s Facebook page to watch a preview of tonight’s episode. It is a very well executed campaign – I would totally give it an A. However, I don’t need 3 of the same ads at a time. Facebook you need to recognize that despite these ads being variations – they belong to the same advertiser and should rotate with other advertisers. 

I log on this morning to see this and hit refresh to see more of the same – 

TNT Facebook Ads        TNT The Closer Facebook ads

Now this rant isn’t directed at TNT (although I am bitter you canceled Trust Me); it is about a fundamental advertising flaw in Facebooks ad system. While most of the ad serving bid system copies Google (except FB also allows you target keywords within your profile), they forgot to copy the bit that makes it impossible to bid against yourself and pay for three versions of your ad to appear at the same time and compete for click throughs. Now if TNT paid per impression and all three count, TNT is totally being ripped off. If TNT is paying per click, showing me 3 ads at a time will NOT make me click on the ads. When I see three of the same, I just ignore the entire right hand ad space.

Facebook is this excessive display of the same ads due to a lack of inventory, an inability to control the placement of ads or are you trying to slyly rip advertisers off?


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