Posted on: May 28, 2009

Yesterday I attended my first San Diego Social Media Breakfast where the discussion centered around social media privacy from the user standpoint. 

The arguments for and against sharing have been debated across the web:

  • How much personal information should you share online?
  • How should you segment your social networks and your audiences? 
  • If you don’t share everything with everyone are you still authentically you? 

Personally, I’ve never understood this struggle. Just like in real life you have different groups of people, you share different information with them and that information can live on its own through gossip and pictures passing through real life social networks. When I tell my friends about a crazy weekend, I don’t also text everyone in my phone or send everyone pictures. We’ve already been trained to differentiate our social groups and modify our behavior and our conversations based on the social group we are interacting with, why do people struggle with that when those social networks are online?

Sharing or not sharing information is your own choice, just as in real life sometimes you tell one person something and not someone else. 

I only have two recommendations. The first is that most social networking sites allow for some degree of privacy settings – USE THEM. I create different groups on my Facebook for Work, Work Friends, College, High School, Family and BFFs. Each group has different access to my profiles, I know and trust those with the most amount of privacy and those work connections receive minimal information. The second is don’t be a DOUCHE BAG. Just in real life if you spend your time and energy spreading false information, wasting people’s time or just being an ass you’ll damage your social connections. You’re smart, you’ll figure out the rest.


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