Posted on: May 20, 2009

Back in the olden days of the internet, Facebook was just for college kids, flash sites were cool and you couldn’t rely on someecards to be there to help you communicate openly with your friends. 


All the way back in 2003 you had to rely on your own internet skills to send out cards to your friends, family and complete strangers. You bought a URL, maybe the name of your pet, you created a real life card and then you uploaded it to the previously mentioned URL. 

The result of your efforts would be

Simple, effective and peaceful. Thank you Geoff and Jara. You made my day.

I can’t even be mad that I wanted your URL for a client. You’ve paid 6 years worth of domain and hosting fees so you could continue to wish those closest to you (and those of us who stumbled upon it) some much needed Peace on Earth. 


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