Posted on: May 17, 2009

Frank Duffel is a guy I could see my dad being buddies with – a bit of a hard ass but simple and straight forward. While he puts the “no” in innovation, he somehow ended up with a Facebook page, a youtube series and his own website, but my guess is that the overly ambitious June is responsible for that (see episodes 4 and 5). 

Mr.Duffel is the President of The Post Shredded Wheat Co. where they’ve done nothing to change the cereal since 1892. After two two huge achievements, adding milk to cereal and make Post Shredded Wheat spoon size, Post Shredded Wheat has not changed a thing. To fully understand Frank check out his speech on Progress…good stuff. 

Well done Ogilvy! It’s incredibly entertaining, sociable and still delivers a powerful message. Heck, I bought a box at the grocery store today and I don’t even eat cereal.


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