Posted on: May 12, 2009

Twitter spam is the new Nigerian Prince. Ever since the whole Ashton Kutcher race to a million followers I’ve noticed that twitter spam has taken over. So thanks Ashton for teaching people that twitter is not a social media tool, but rather a constant race to gain more followers. 

BA (Before Ashton) you’d see a fake profile with a tweet or two pushing some sort of pay for followers or ‘I make millions from click fraud’ ads every day or two. Twitter was usually pretty quick getting rid them and it was not really intrusive so I didn’t mind. But now we have hash-tag spam, porn profiles and generally people who think Twitter is just about getting a lot of followers. 

I tired to engage one such spammer, @Toxic_Concepts to try and figure out why they were hash-tag spamming. And while I didn’t really get an answer, they did switch their tactics after my tweets, so I feel like I must have broken through. Now, while I’m pretty sure they are just responding to any tweet they see with random comments back at least they are starting to understand that twitter is about talking to people. 

Check out the conversations below. 






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