Posted on: April 8, 2009

I’m a self taught digital girl. Besides one tech class in college, digital was not something ever discussed in all of my communication, advertising or journalism classes. And now I’m solo in the digital department, with no one to collaborate with or learn from. 

Which is why I am always on the search for additional classes, conferences or books that can educate me and comfort me in knowing that I’m up to date and in line with best practices and the newest tools. I’ve looked into traditional schools, MBA programs, extension classes, certificate programs, but they’re all not quite what would work for me.  

So when I noticed new display ads for the University of San Francisco’s certifcate in online marketing on I click on through (see display does work!) to see what’s available. The ads look decent and send me to a legit landing page. 

usf usf2

 usf3 usf4 

So I’m stoked, finally a viable option for continuing my digital education. I fill out the little form to request more information, although I’m totally annoyed that they require a phone number. Umm its an online marketing class taught completely online, try email. 

Then I’m sent to a Thank You page with early registration dates of December 2008 for a February 2009 program (its April ’09!). The online marketing school is running expired creative or failed to update their landing page for the new semester? Either way its a total FAIL. 


And then, the 2 emails I recieved within 10 mintues of each other frmo USF went straight to my spam folder. How do you expect me to take you seriously?

Dear USF,

When you’re advertising a online marketing degree program, I recommend hiring people who actually know what they’re doing to set up and execute your digital marketing campaign. I highly doubt you’re school will be able to advance my knowledge if you can’t even get the basics of online adveritisng down. 

Best Regards, 



1 Response to "Expired."

Erin this is an all too familiar pattern with schools. I went to a tech school and got my AA degree as fast as I could. Everything I learned about art I learned on my own. Straight A’s never made anybody rich. Just keep doing what you are doing! 🙂

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