Posted on: March 3, 2009

I am normally not a fan of McDonalds commercials, they are usually pretty terrible (like the McNuggets love story spots). But they’ve taken a new direction with the McDonalds Quarter Pounder.

Creepy Chester Cheeto voice + mention of a QP in short shorts + random dudes in short shorts stretching = Awesome.

While I still don’t think I could ever shove a Quarter Pounder down my mouth, I certainly love their new campaign for the artery clogging, fat inducing burgers. There is something about the guys stretching in sync with each other, like some strange choreographed dance while the woman inhales her burger. Seriously, her mouth is totally full and she takes another bite at the end. Is there crack in those burgers?


1 Response to "Marathon."

As much as i want to, I haven’t eaten one. Yet. Maybe I’ll share it with 2 more people. Or my brother. He eats a lot.

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