Posted on: February 7, 2009

Google turned me into a stalker with the launch of Google Latitude. I wasn’t paying attention when I signed up to test it out and checked everyone in my Google address book which is, thankfully, much smaller than my Yahoo or Outlook address books. Apparently, Google sends an email to everyone letting them know you’d like to stalk them and then sends them emails whenever you check in. 

Everyone in my address book received an invite to let me stalk them and then two emails telling them where I was (sadly both times at the office). One of my friends was so kind as to let me know via Facebook that she had received notification that I wanted to know her every move. While for the most part stalking my friends is totally cool, there are a couple people in my address book I would rather not stalk (especially when it tells them I’m doing so). Awkward….

So thanks Google.

Is a double opt-in set up so much to ask? You couldn’t have put in a little pop up that says “Are you sure you want to send an email to these people to invite them to your Latitude network?” 

Oh and my assesment of latitude is that it is sub par geo-location social networking; BrightKite does it better.


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