Posted on: February 5, 2009

Jack from Jack in the Box is my favorite brand persona. He’s hilariously human with his giant head, busy career and random friends. And the Sourdough Jack is without a doubt the best hangover cure.

Anyone watching the Super Bowl who lives within driving distance of a Jack in the Box saw his horrific bus accident. Jack suffered severe head trauma and is not doing well in the hospital.

Once you’ve wiped away the tears head over to
for in-depth updates or you can keep up to date via his twitter (Barbara, Jack’s assistant is keeping up to date).

The entire campaign is based on the fact, that just before he was hit by the bus Jack was talking about how great it is that any item on the menu is available anytime. So those worrying about Jack should indulge and order breakfast for lunch and dinner for breakfast.

I adore the campaign, as much as it breaks my heart. Jack in the Box HQ is here in San Diego and loyal fans and Jack supporters have created a vigil in his parking spot. Check out all the pictures below.










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Now I’m really craving one. 😛

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