Posted on: February 4, 2009

I finally found a cell phone campaign I can appreciate. Sprint failed, Blackerry failed, but LG I love. 

These ads sparked a hot debate on Ads of the World (where I found them), check out the site to read up on why people hate them. 

I like them because unlike Blackberry spots, LG doesn’t talk down to consumers and act like 3G phones are new. The target demo knows about the iPhone, they’ve played with their friends phones. The basics of 3G and touch screens are a given.

LG is focusing on making themselves different. Apple and Blackberry are being defined as the work phones, LG is going after those who want a cool, fast, phone without needing a job that requires it. 

Oh and for the record I Google and Addictomatic all of my dates 🙂 




















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