Posted on: January 21, 2009

While watching the inaguration on CNN from the ever so comfy beds at Encore at Wynn in Vegas (plush amazing beds), I was uber disappointed in the graphis department of CNN. Did anyone else notice the Facts being posted on screen? Who wrote them? Why did they even bother to waste screen space with such astounding facts like:

Fact: Legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin is performing “My Country Tis of Thee”
(This was displayed as the Aretha Franklin is on screen singing the song)

They also include now, “now, next, later” graphics with such riveting announcements as
Now: Presidential Inauguration
Next: Vice President Sworn
Later: President

In addition to being incredibly vauge and obvious, they were pretty much just a waste of space on the screen. CNN can make holograms and crazy election maps but they can’t even get make simple graphics relevant.


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