Posted on: January 19, 2009

For all those who’ve lost their jobs recently there is a glimmer of hope, because everyone is doing something for the recession from Hyundai offering to take back your vehicle if you are laid off within 12 months of buying the car to all of the great giveaways.

Personally, I’d love to spend my time being unemployed on the beach in Austrailia which is why I’ve applied for the Island Reef Job. A promotion to support tourism in Queensland. But one has to think if you’re “prize” is an actual job (The Caretaker of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef) you might not see a lift in traffic as most people this appeals to are uneployed. Check out the view from your office. 


If you don’t get hired for the Queensland isalnd job, you could try a win a free vacation from SunGlass Warehouse. They’ll pay for your flight, hotel, some spending money and some sunglasses and beach gear. Sweet! Plus you can get bonus entries for twittering, blogging  or emailing your friends. 

Now wish me some luck as I head out to Vegas for the a few!


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