Posted on: January 18, 2009

Apparently the world goes on outside the office doors even when I’m too busy with actual work to pay attention…strange. Due to my extemly busy work week and vacation next week (wooohooo Vegas) I’ve put together the highlights of the past week or so in the marketing, social media, web world. I also made you this awesome piece of tiny ninja theater via. You’re welcome. 


Life outside my office 

There was the awesomeness of Twitter as displayed by David Armano raising over $15K in 24hours to help a family in need. It was crazy to see how fast this post was RT through my Twitter network and made such a big difference. Social media can do good things! 

Burger King created my favorite FB app ever,  Whopper Sacrafice, which sacraficed over 230,000 friends before Facebook killed it off over “privacy concerns”. Do I even have to tell you how much I love it? I like to keep my friend list to around 100…I can always delete a few FB friends. But not you of course…Good recap on the app here

A whole new bunch of ad people lost their jobs and the agencies handled it poorly. Ugh. If you love the constant depression and sadness for your friends in the ad world you can follow AdAgencyLayoffs

A happy plane crash in the Hudson marked the 4th time in six months, I heard about it the big news story and saw pictures on Twitter before any news outlet knew what was going on. 

Circuit City is almost dead. 

Condoms have some great sex all on thier own.


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