Posted on: January 7, 2009

Social Networks I will never understand

  • Reddit
  • 4Chan 
  • FriendFeed 

Social Networks everone should be a part of

  • Twitter connects you to people you would never meet otherwise. Great resource and information stream. 
  • Digg maybe it’s becasue I have a geek crush on the boys of diggnation, but Digg is waaayyyy better than other news aggregate sites. 
  • Facebook. Come on people social media is not going away, I cannot understand why so many people  drag their feet. You don’t have to be obessed, you jus thave to be a part of it. This is no longer for college kids or early adopters, its gone mainstream and its time you jumped on the bandwagon!

1 Response to "Join."

Reddit used to be a lot better.. more diverse, amazing, eclectic content.. but it got taken over by extreme, left-wing, atheist, anti-semetic, injustice, ironic conspiracy nutcase theorists..

The comments are where the action is at on Reddit.. they are ususally much more verbose and (sometimes) intelligent than other social news sites…

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