Posted on: December 30, 2008

I am definitely not Apple fan girl, despite my iphone lust, but I concede that Apple knows what their doing. They’ve revolutionzed the music business (even if they’re tactics are slightly evil). Apples move into cell phones is no different, they’ve revolutionized the level of features and customization users can expect.

Blackberry is desperately trying to  salvage its reputation as THE phone for professionals and cool kids. The Blackberry Storm has adopted many of Apples features to compete (like their touch screen) and are currently running two ad campaigns. One campaign I absolutely love;  the other has actually made me scream at the tv.

Good Spots – I love these because they are relevant to the current perception of Blackberrys to the shared iPhone/Blackberry target demographic. Shows all the cool features associated with the Blackberry Storm and basically sends the message that Blackberry is not just your fathers cell phone. 

Bad Spots- This isn’t even the worst of them but the voiceover contains the same amazement for the phone’s features: touch screen, keyboard on screen, clicking the screen, applications, blah, blah stolen from Apple, blah. Your target demo already knows about all these features, you’re trying to save them from the iPhone, remember? 

I could forgive them for that, really I think I could. But then they’ve decided to throw in one particular line followed by a shot panning up to the Verizon guy and his followers. 

After the oohhing and ahhing the voiceover asks “what kind of mad genius is behind this?” and it pans up to the Verizon guy and his people. I have actaully screamed at the TV “Steve Jobs”. He and the Apple team are really the mad geniuses who developed up the iPhone features Blackberry has incorporated into Storm. Competition is one thing, but trying to claiming that you were first to innovate is just annoying. This move reminds me of those people who write “first” on message boards and posts. 


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