Posted on: December 19, 2008

Getty images is serious about providing users with exactly what they are looking for in their photo library. The company monitors the terms used in their search enginge and if there are enough people searching for a particular photo, scene or person and no photo is available, Getty will commission a photo shoot. With that tidbit of information, a group came together that searched for a Rollerblading Dwraf. Getty Images responded by hiring a photographer to capture said rollerblading dwarf. Awesome.  

If this is just a silly prank, its hiliarious. But if this campaignn is an inside stunt its f’ing brilliant. I heard this story about four times this week (and I’m not a Getty Images user or a creative dept person). The groups started a facebook group and the story tells everyone about a cool feature most users are unaware of with Getty Images. Perfect viral campaign. 

Click to see the dwarf shots now available on Getty Images



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