Posted on: December 18, 2008

Tis the season for agency’s to create useless sites, games and videos. Here are a collection of my favorites thus far this season.

Apptera created their Holiday Card 08 which ties in mobile with the online. Annoyingly you have to go online, then receive a call, go back online after receiving a text, then have to call in again. At least they can track when each person drops out of the process and build a database and demonstrates their mobile capabilities. 

First Round Capital rallied the companies they fund to create their Holiday Video. Hilarious to watch these folks dance around…my personal favorite is at 0:55 two guys from Gnip who look terribly awkward.

R/GA created a site where you can Tattoo Santa or Tat the Fat. Something about giving Santa a tramp stamp just doesn’t seem right to me…

Wagner Design Associates created a pretty basic online card that’s simple but cool.

You can play virtual White Elephant with Preston Kelly. I opened a can of peaches but stole a Wii Fit, then lost my Wii and stole a bottle of Grey Goose. Gifts will be awarded according to what each player possesses when the game ends at approximately 12:00 pm Central Standard Time on Friday, December 19th, 2008

AKQA created one of my favorite videos this holiday season…musical microwaves with a holiday beat

Colle+McVoy created a 3D site called SnowdIn, I’ve sent away for my 3D glasses but have not yet received them.

You can make a wish with  in their Snowflake Wonderland (site takes a lot of memory to run, so it might slow you down) and check out what others have wished for!


2 Responses to "Holidays."

Dear Sir,
Categorizing our elegant White Elephant game as “useless” is not only totally inaccurate it also hurts a lot of people who have put huge effort into this game. We are offering a Leg Humping Chihuahua and a Yodeling Pickle for heavens sake! Either has myriad uses as does our authentic, imported, kangaroo scrotum bottle opener. These items along with the Vanishing Jesus Shaving Mug will make any holiday season brighter. Please get your facts straight next year.

Respectfully submitted this date: 12/19/08

Preston Kelly

(PS one useful side effect of the game is 1000 cans of beans and peaches go to Minnesota Second Harvest food shelves. Happy Holidays!)

Hi Preston! I loved your game 🙂 Only bummed that I didn’t win the Wii but happy to donate the can of food I won to your charity! Thanks for making a brilliant holiday site.

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