Posted on: December 14, 2008

I know I shouldn’t be picking on automotive companies right now. They’re hurting…bad. And they’re taking a bunch of fellow advertisers as they go. But really, you expect these commercials to bring customers back? Why not just call it a going out of business sale and save some money on production?

Please help me understand what this commercial trying to say. This is what I get from it…I think I’m missing the point.

Saturn’s are ugly, cheap cars most people normally wouldn’t be caught dead in, but now that the economy is shit please buy from us because we’re still cheap!

Surprise, Saturn dealerships are still open!

Yes, this is Saturn, the dealership that runs the same red tag event every year and yet always fails to sell cars.

Why the “Red Tag Discount” of only $924? You couldn’t spare 76 dollars and make it an even grand? Hell you couldn’t spare a dollar and make it at least $925?

While my memory of Auto Advisory guidelines is slightly fuzzy because I’ve been off of auto print for a while, I’m pretty sure the bottom line is supposed to say Total Discount from MSRP, not Total Value Compared to MSRP.

Ok I’ll stop, now I’m just being mean.


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