Posted on: December 1, 2008

Experienced an RFP writing bender late last night but realized it was time to stop typing after this all too honest section of our Methodology appeared on screen. 


During the “getting shit done” phase of our methodology we will take the research, timeline and plan and actually do work ,with your approval of course. We will run media schedules, track results, reconcile invoices and we will bill you for a lot admin time and earn the bulk of our commission during this phase. We also bill you for actual media placed with as fat of a markup as we think we can get away with. We will take trips to see you in Sacramento with big shiny reports to assure you that you made the right choice. We will personally go out and make sure people are using your product, even if we have to pay them to do so. 

We will make any necessary changes and alterations to our plans and timelines no matter how much it pains us to do so because of your knee jerk reactions and budget cuts. We will learn to deal with your temper tantrums, ridiculous deadlines and fear of change. We’ll also perfect our impressions of you, hire an intern to do any of the difficult work on the account and rename Friday Happy Hour “To Let’s Get Shitfaced because of XXX Hour.”


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