Posted on: November 24, 2008

Twitterverse, Tweettown, Twittersphere…whatever you want to call the group of Twitter was all a flutter this weekend regarding the breakthrough of Twitter advertising. Be-A-Magpie is the first attempt (as far as I’m aware) of monetizing Twitter and actually pays you to give up a few of your tweets to advertisers. 

I really do not understand what the uproar is about. Seems like a solid amount of Twitters are involved in marketing, advertising, social media or at the very least promoting themselves. As long as advertisers respect the social space and put out interesting tweets, I don’t think it’ll change Twitter very much. 

Spammers who create an account, follow thousands of people without providing substaintial content just to get traffic on their website are far worse then any Magppie. 

Check out twitter search for those discussing Magpies and the acutal magpie tweets. Intersting stuff! 



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