Posted on: November 18, 2008

Back from a busy week and a vacation…apparently I missed a lot! 

First there was the Motrin Mom scandal in Twitterville summarized very nicely by AdAge

Jerry Yang left Yahoo…do you think he actually used rpoper grammer on this employee memo? (Hint: No)

Crazy debates happening regarding the automotive industry’s request for money from the government. Congress went crazy today….if they fail there will be a lot of hurting agencies.

Wondering who is getting laid off and what companies are failing? Check out which is almost as much fun as the Technocrati dead pool of startups. 

I’ve recently learned to love Hulu and Yidio…Hulu now becoming big competion to YouTube.

No more ValleyWag?? Ugh its not like PerezHilton is going to start covering the Silicon Valley. 

Fuck even Turkeys have social media down…why the hell can’t I convince clients!


Ugh back to catching up at work and sorting through, emails, voicemails and job tickets.


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