Posted on: November 9, 2008

I previously posted about Obama’s ability to connect to voters through his incredibly savvy use of the internet and hiring a team of people who knew how to harness its capabilites. For this reason he is being hailed as the first Internet President for being able to communicate and motivate via his internet marketing. 

His win validates the useful of social media and online marketing. Something he clearly recognizes as his presidential did not stop his use of the internet to organize his supporters. 

Within a day or two of winning, Obama launched a website to encourage the public to continue to openly communicate with his administration and share their concerns and hopes. Change contains a blog, news, educational information as well as a countdown to Obama’s ingauration and an application to work in the Obama-Biden administration. It also contains a section called the American momment which asks supporters to tell Obama what his win meant to them. 

Pretty incredible embrace of new media. I hope he continues it throughout his term in office and sets a precedent for future presidents. 

Read more about Obama’s marketing successes here, here and here. 


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