Posted on: November 5, 2008

Science Daily released an article regarding the effects DVR has had on TV ads. The study “found that ads with brand information placed in the center of the screen still create brand memory despite a 95% reduction in frames viewed and complete loss of audio.” 

As a tv viewer who recently discovered the joy of DVR, it totally makes sense. Viewers actively watch during the fast forward process to make sure they stop at the right time, so DVR users are probably more engaged in commercial breaks then the usual TV viewer. The study found that placing the branding message in the center of the screen was the most effective way to reach those using DVR.

So, what should this mean to those who create TV spots that end up in DVR programming? 

Resist the urge to go out and plaster your logo in the middle of all your TV spots. MediaMarket Research found that only 11.2% of US adult households have a DVR and only average of 11 shows are recorded each week. Additionally, DVR households consume less TV then the average person and spends more time online. Any changes to your spot creative should really be a push from a seperate DVR focused buy with a target demographic that has a higher HH income and higher education levels. Addtionally, the spot should be readable to the non-DVR audience. 

A previous study (I can’t remember the source, but I’m 99% on the stats) also determined that most recorded programs were watched within 7 days their live air date. So, while timely sale messages can be included, be careful of that the expiration date is at least 8 days away from air date.


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