Posted on: October 19, 2008

Politicals are known to ruin any media buyers schedules, but they also push the boundaries of media and advertising with incredible creativity. Politics is not just about negative ads and talking points, its about harnessing the future of advertising.

Obama’s use of social marketing, new media and traditional is a perfect example of how to integrate and reach out to niche groups of your target demographic. By hiring Chris Hughes, a Facebook co-founder in 2007, Obama sealed his fate in connecting to and motivating the younger voters through these platforms. 

In addition to a slew of new media, Obama has started running in game advertising. The presidential candidate will be featured within nine games from EA within X-Box Live editions of NHL, Madden, NBA and other sports games. Obama is featured on billboards and other signage within the games and is running the in game ads through November 3rd. 

Other successful use of news media by Obama include:

Twitter- Obama surpassed Kevin Rose as the most followed person on the – site a few months ago and he currently has 100K+ followers. 

Facebook – With a co-founder assisting in your campaign its no wonder he’s done well on the social networking site, but the results are amazing with over 2million fans to the Obama/Biden page. The frequent updates, engaging updates and respect for the social space is something advertisers should take note of. – Yes, he even has his own social network of 1M+ users (which you can link to your Facebook account). The site helps any user organize, learn and support the candidate. 

Search- While McCain has invested heavily in search as well, its has been a part of Obama’s campaign for quite some time with much success and a hefty price tag

YouTube – No doubt Obama has also won on YouTube, just check out the Viral Video Charts which shares videos for both candidates but tends to be dominated by pro-Obama pieces.


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