Posted on: October 16, 2008

My favorite ad network is hitting some rough times thanks to the economy as Sequoia Capital asking its companies to buckle down and prepare for the worst. 

Despite that this October will be one of AdBrite’s best months, it laid off 40% of its staff and is cutting back on additional spending. The VC firm is preparing for the worst so they can emerge from the market’s current failure. 

I’m currently running a campaign through AdBrite and aboslutely love their service. It’s honest, transparent, easy to use and has provided impressive results in our behavioral targeting campaign. Thankfully, the deep cuts are in an effort to ensure profitability this year and the continued success of the company.

I’m a bit surprised AdBrite was faced with the cuts as online ad spend is increasing this year and their system is so great. But, I guess no one is safe right now, especially those who recieve part of their funding from the battled wounded VCs, who are having flash backs to the Dot Com bust. 

Best of luck the the 40 who were laid off. 

Funnily enough, my rep asked me to provide some quotes to Paul Levin 2 weeks ago as to why I like the service so much. I never ended up recieving that phone call which I now realize is due to Paul being one of those who lost his job.


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