Posted on: October 15, 2008

In a study posted on the Future Lab Blog, 70% of ads on Ads of the World posted in the last 4 months, did not include a URL. The article continues to rant about how ads should contain a URL by default in todays advertising world; I totally disagree. 

Most people use search engines by default when trying to find a website, even when the URL is knows, its entered as a search term rather than as a URL. 

Additonally, if you really need a URL posted in your ad then you’ve done a poor job of buying a URL thats in sync with your brand. Don’t be cute or tricky when buying selecting your domain, pick something obvious and easy or else you’ll HAVE to put your URL on everything. Really, only some local and niche companies should HAVE to list their URL.  

Instead of cluttering up your print ads with a URL, make your site incredibly easy to find utilizing SEO and paid search. If someone can’t Google your name, product or service and find you immediately, then you need a lot more web work then adding a URL to your ads. 


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