Posted on: October 3, 2008

We all have bad days, personally, professionally and sometimes combined in a masterfully horrible “my life is going to shit” sort of way. I can sympathize with that, bad days suck. But I can’t udnerstand why so many people take that out on other people. 

A couple weeks ago as I was pulling into the office parking lot a random woman pulled in next to me. As free parking is sparse in Bankers Hill, I told the woman she wasn’t allowed to park in our as its a private (and tiny) and everyone else would be coming into the office shortly. She huffed, puffed and very rudely said well I’m parking there anyways, I don’t care, tow me if you want. Ugh. All she had to say was I’m just running into the office next door, I’ll be out in 5 mintues (which she was) and I totally would have let her stay. That is if she had said that nicely.  

The next worker who came in blocked her car in the lot (as we commonly do to each other) and the woman

was asked to apologize to me for her rude behavior. Her excuse? I’m having a bad day. 

Since when does your own mood excuse your behavior to other people? 

I’m a happy-go-lucky person, slightly aloof but usually in a good mood. On really bad days I plug in my headphones and throw myself into what I’m doing. If I need to interact with my co-worker, vendors or clients I do so as I would if I were happy, why should I be mean just because I’m in a bad mood? 

Too bad most people think their behavior is perfectly justified and often take it out on others…pushing that bad mood to spread to others.

I don’t care how much you hate your job at the newspaper, the radio station, the online company you don’t understand be nice to me and I’ll be nice back. Some companies provide the exact same thing at the same price, I work with the people I enjoy working.


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