Posted on: October 1, 2008

Technorati released their annual State of the Blogsphere earlier this week. Increbily insightful and interesting data. I’ll let you pour over it yourselves, but here are some of the findings.

On a side note, blogosphere is one of my favorite web words, not as good as flasturbation, but sooo much better than the boring lingo of traditional media. 

– 77% of active internet users read blogs 

– The mean annual revenue for a blogger is $6K

– 4 or 5 bloggers post brand or product reviews 

– 53% of US bloggers are male; 73% of bloggers in Europe and Asia are male

– More than half of bloggers in teh US and Eurpoe are 35+

– Women are more likely to sell their advertising via an ad network

–  San Francisco is the US city with the highest concentration of bloggers 

– Personal satisfaction is the most important measure of success

– A third of bloggers are concerned with people learning their identity

Ok I don’t want to give it all away! Go read more here.


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