Posted on: September 23, 2008

Last summer I spent 2 weeks in Iceland…amazing place. In my preparation I read up on some history books and tourism information and stumbled on my favorite little nugget of information regarding the island. 

In 1972 a piece of iceberg drifting down from the pole to Iceland with a polar bear passanger. Before landing the polar bear was shot as he had been floating so long he was extremely hungry and would eat anything/one as soon as it landed. That bear remains in a quirky little museum in Húsavík as a reminder.Even before that poor bear floated down, old maps have illustrations of polar bears floating towars the island on little pieces of ice. Either it was a common occurance or a common fear in earlier years.

I wanted nothing more than to see my very own polar bear on ice during my trip. Everytime we were in sight of the ocean I kept my eyes wide in hopes of seeing a little guy floating on down. Sadly that ancedote from 1972 was the last known occurance.

Green Peace wants to prevent the chance of it happening again and launched an ambient campaign in DC. It features polar bears who were foced to retreat to DC due to global warming (hopefully making the trip on their ice rafts!). There are several variations of the installation and a video from Animal New York here

Definitely gets the point across and the bears look pretty lovable and sad.

This is my favorite picture from the well executed non-traditional work. 


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