Posted on: September 4, 2008

I spent yesterday afternoon testing out Chrome and have started my brief review. If you are currently working off of Firefox the differences are subtle; if you’re still on IE then it’ll be a big update for you. 

What I like: 

1) Pop-up blocker lets you easily retrieve pop-ups without having to go into your settings to allow pop-ups for the page and then reload. 

2) Start screen is a snapshot of my most frequently visited pages, which I love! 

3) Streamlined look condensed tool bar with the same bookmarking feature of Firefox. 

4) Search Bar is really similar to the Firefox Awesome bar which is one of my favorite features of Firefox. 

What still needs to be improved: 

1) No add-ons as yet. I love my Firefox music add on which allows me to control my itunes in my browser and a blog posting tool. 

2) Issues with certain windows. Some links on Facebook and Current TV don’t work in my Chrome browser. I can’t click open replies to comments on any Current comment thread. 

3) Goggle can track everything I do and apparently has rights to everything I do. This made big news in blogs and apparently the terms of service are being revised to take those provisions out which will then apply to all of us who already agreed to those terms. As an advertiser I’m not opposed to the tracking but as a blogger I am seriously against Google claiming the ownership rights to anything I do using their browser. 

4) I wanted something super innovative and Chrome seems like a different take on Firefox. 

Its not a spectacular – you must download now – product. But I think it’ll do a lot in the way of innovation for the web and certainly it will boost Google.

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