Posted on: September 3, 2008

I love spam emails that feature a South African Lottery, Nigerian Long Lost Uncle, interested ‘buyers’ from across the country and my British cousin who just left me a bunch of money! Occasionally, I’ll respond because I’m intrigued at what they do when someone actually bites. Normally, they’re pretty straight forward in what they’re asking of you (credit card numbers, social security, etc) but I just received this one and I’m totally confused as to what Prisca is asking from me? Is she a mail order bride? 


Greetings from prisca morris,
Itis really obvious that this will come to you as a surprise because we have not met before.but I am Prisca Morris by name and i am 32 years of age from South Africa. I am lady with a pure heart and i am also born again Christian.My aim here is to meet a man that will love me and be my loved, then i will do the same thing to him and i will love him with all my heart .
I am not here for any game and i am not looking for a player either,so please if you are a player don’t bother to write me back but if you are seriously looking for a serious relationship like i do then lets me know by Writing me to my email and i will write you back with my beautiful picture attach to it so as to know whom you are moving in relationship with .
Thank you and i hope to hear from you as soon as possible. I believe we can move from here, & Know that the distance or colour does not matter but the feelings and love we have for each other matters alot in life. I am waiting for your reply to my email.Remember Prisca Morris is my name.Waiting for your email.

God Bless you,

Take care,

Prisca Morris.

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