Posted on: August 29, 2008

Usually I don’t care if you waste my time at work. My time card needs billable hours and as a media planner, your usually wasting my time while buying me drinks and lunch. So thanks.

But I do care if you’re wasting my time when I’m trying to actually work. Like when its the Friday before a holiday weekend and I’m trying to make it a half day and yet 15 minutes before there’s a client meeting, you’re trying to figure out what you’re selling.

Its not my fault that you don’t understand what all this “internet language” means. If your job is to sell ad space on a website, then please take a couple hours and get up to speed on why I might be interested on how many unique visitors come to your site.

Calling me “honey,” “sweetheart,” and “angel” do not help. Ever.

If you really have our competitor ready to sign on the dotted line for the category exclusive ad space you’re offering us, then by all means don’t let my thorough evaluation get in the way of you wasting our competitor’s ad budget.

Oh and when I send you a list of questions giving your “tech guy” a shot at deciphering this crazy language I speak, then do no call me back on a conference call and offer to “walk me through a couple of the answers.” I said email them back to me because I want your answers in writing. I don’t trust you and I want to use that email in against you in the future.

One last thing, if you’re pitching me an e-blast program utilizing your email service, make sure it works. I emailed you on the three different addresses you provided me (all with the your users sign up for). All the emails bounced back. The receptionist could not receive the emails either so don’t tell me they just went to your spam folder. I sent it to the receptionist’s Yahoo account so she could forward to you. So I don’t think we’re going to move forward on that e-blast plan, but thanks for the offer.

Now I’m going to send you a bill for my time because I feel bad charging the client for it.

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