Posted on: August 1, 2008

I’ve been amped on SlideRocket for a while. After watching the video by Scobleizer on the presentation tool, I signed up for the waiting list to get in on the private beta testing.

After weeks of waiting, I finally received my invite yesterday. I did the usual follow the URL, create an account, log in and enjoy. Only my account creating went horribly wrong somewhere along the way. The log in doesn’t recognize my id and password and the ‘I forgot my password’ link doesn’t work. So I can’t get through on my beta testing invite.

Needless to say I’m super bummed. My link no longer works to reset the account, because it shows it as a used invite. I need help getting through to the SlideRocket folks to get my account activated.

Totally bummed.

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[…] few weeks ago I posted this about my failed beta testing. SlideRocket responded with a comment on my post and within a few […]

If you or any of your readers send me an email I’d be happy to help you out with your password. Apologies for the delay in getting you into the private beta.

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