Posted on: July 31, 2008

Dear Shaun White,

You need a new marketing team.

Best Regards,


How many things can you find wrong with this facebook ad?

Yes, this is an excellent example of why brands need ad agencies. Just because you have the power to make and place the ad yourself does not mean you should.


Here are the most irritating of my long list of why this ad is horrible.

  1. The copy is bad. Really bad.

  2. If they’re going to go with that lame liner, it should at least said OMFG.

  3. When the URL appears twice in an ad, make sure they match (including capitalization).

  4. The kid is known for his mess of red hair. So who decide a black and white shot from a distance would be a great idea?

  5. I don’t get it what is this ad for? Should I be adding him as a Facebook friend? Visiting his website? Buying something from him? Going to see him at the X-Games? Or is it simply there to tell me that Shaun White is a slut?

  6. Why are there no landing pages? Hell, I would be happy with a vanity URL with a redirect would make more sense then dropping me off at his homepage.

  7. Facebook ads manager provides plenty of targeting opportunities, why is a 25 yr old with no interest in skateboarding, snowboarding or the like receiving this ad? Please go back and fix your demo and ad display criteria.




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