Posted on: July 30, 2008

The concept of BrightKite is brilliant -a location based social network that helps you keep track of your friends and introduces you to people around you. Great idea right?

But then people sign up like “skepticism” who recently checked in ti 92101…and felt the need to send everyone a picture of their breakfast. Yes those strawberries and what looks like a bran muffin look delicious, really. But I don’t care what you are eating. Especially, when you send the same breakfast picture 3 times throughout the day. If that’s the most interesting part of your day, then I’m sorry.

FYI:- Loopt does about the same thing, but my phone is not compatible with the service so I’m stuck with BrightKite. Loopt utilizes GPS to let you know where your friends are but also works with local bars and venues to let you know where there are good happy hours, specials and other events going on.


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Sometimes the wisdom of crowds will be brilliant, sometimes they will be brand muffins.

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