Posted on: July 23, 2008

Currently at my agency I split my time between a couple of departments: Traditional Planning/Buying, Online Media, Account Services and New Business. I’m lobbying for business cards with a fill in the blank spot for my  job title….

Media is the reason I’m in advertising. It’s all about being understanding how people consume media and utilizing various media to affect the way people think and act. Media planning is analytical and sometimes a bit more numbers and graphs than glam but just as important as the creative.

New Business was never something that even crossed my mind when I started in this industry. And when I was first asked to pitch in with the New Business department I was extremely hesitant, I was not excited for cold calls and presentations. Is anyone really into that stuff?

But I’ve learned that there are a lot of perks to this department and I actually like quite a bit of it.

  • I get to totally immersing myself in a project and learn about completely new and different industries (right now I’m becoming an Urban Planning expert for a pitch next week).
  • Its about selling the agency not selling a product/service and its a constant reinforcement of why I work where I do.
  • New Business is about coming up with creative solutions to a the challenges facing a client, without having to deal with a client relationship.
  • There is always an end, a definitive close to the project. Either we get a No or we win the contract and I get to pass the client along to an Account Executive.
  • New Business has the ability to steer the direction of the agency; focusing on industries or new regions that interest us and can challenge the team to be innovative and creative.

Now while there are some perks, it still can be an overwhelming and disappointing department. But anyone who is an agency should definitely work on at least a couple of new business pitches.


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