Posted on: July 16, 2008

So a couple days ago I started to question if the proliferation of social media was concentrated among social media folks and tech savvy people because my friends are concentrated on myspace and facebook. I don’t know anyone else who is on Twitter, Plurk, Brightkite, Friend Feed or Hi5….

Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks that some social media sites have a higher concentration of marketers/techs. The Toad Stool has noticed the trend too. Read his take on it here.

The Toad Stool definitely brings up a very valid point that as marketers we always have to put it back into perspective or real world users. Social media geeks (or geeks in general) are the foundation of most social networking sites. I bet most of my friends have never heard of the 5 sites mentioned above, but the ones they do use they are experts within and would take offense to an unwanted invasion of their social space by a brand. It becomes the marketers responsibility to fully understand each application, its users and the best way to communication within each network.

Another side to this is the analysis of social networks in Google Trends by Louis Gray. San Francisco and Silicon Valley are so much more media savvy and immersed in social media that the rest of the nation. If you take a look at the findings you’ll see that SF residents are into the newer social sites, while the rest of the nation is into the biggies like Facebook, AOL, Ebay and MySpace. Which makes sense as these are the early adopters, the progressive techies.

Actually, we have a client located in the Livermore/Pleasanton area, just east of San Francisco, who is currently trying to increase the customer base amongst 18-34 yr olds within the region. This data is making me rethinking their online strategy….back to work then.


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